Manufacture and trade of soft drinks

Manufacture of table water

Bencommerce – modern production facility and quality production

Water with vitamins Life Stream

Flavored water with added vitamins and minerals, sweetened with stevia.

Silver water Life Stream

Water purified by silver ionization for good tone and excellent health.

Herbal drinks Life Stream

Non-carbonated soft drinks with Stevia without sugar.

About Bencommerce

Modern production facility, control and quality systems

Bencommerce Ltd was established in 1992 by specializing in the manufacture and trade of soft drinks and mineral water.

We have a modern production facility near Sofia city, equipped with modern bottling lines of different cuts of the products, according to the wishes of our customers.

We have implemented HACCP system about complete control over the production process and the quality of the drink produced.

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Purified water

The water we work with, is purified by the method of reverse osmosis, which makes it crystal clear, with a low mineral content and high pH.

High quality raw materials

Raw materials that we use are manufactured by leading Bulgarian and international companies.

Silver water Life Stream

Support your health with an alternative and efficient drink – the silver water “Life Stream”. As a powerful antiseptic and natural antibiotic, it is able not only to fight off the disease-causing bacteria in the body but also to prevent their recurrence.

Stimulate naturally the body’s defense mechanisms and feel good.

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