BENCOMMERCE LTD Concluded a Grant Contract № BG16RFOP002-2.002-0120-C01

Development of the managerial capacity of BENCOMMERCE Ltd. by introducing a resource planning and management system / ERP system /.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the development of the management capacity and growth of BENCOMMERCE LTD by investing in the introduction of a resource planning and resource management system.

The specific objectives of the project are to increase productivity, revenue from sales and the volume of exports of goods and services realized by BENCOMMERCE LTD.

The implementation of the project will enable us to improve the management capacity and growth of BENCOMMERCE LTD. This will directly contribute to increasing administrative, production and technical capacity, export potential, productivity, sales revenue as a small enterprise, in line with the main purpose of this procedure. In addition, the use of modern high-tech software solutions will increase the efficiency of production, which will contribute to the main objective of the Investment Priority 2.2 “SME Growth Capacity”, SME Growth Capacity Building and Growth Scheme Of enterprises.

“BENCOMMERCE” Ltd. is engaged in “Production of soft drinks, mineral and other bottled waters”. The company is one of the leading companies in the country and offers its customers high quality products and affordable prices.

With this project proposal, BENCOMMERCE LTD plans to implement a Resource Planning and Management System (ERP) that will cover all the company’s business processes.

At present, the production facilities of BENCOMMERCE LTD. Is loaded at 100%. The production capacity of the company has reached its full volume. This requires the company management to find a solution to the situation so as to provide the opportunity to satisfy the constantly increasing demand for BENCOMERCE LTD. Therefore, after analyzing and assessing the company’s needs, it chose the introduction of the ERP system in production, which will optimize the processes in the enterprise and provide the necessary technical, manufacturing and administrative capabilities that the company needs in order to achieve its goals.

The introduction of an ERP system in an enterprise will directly result in:

– Change in average export earnings resulting from the investment on the project by at least 20%.
– Increase in net sales revenue / Total project cost of at least 30%.
– Increase the productivity of the enterprise as a result of the implementation of the project by at least 12%.
– Expected results from the implementation of the project: DEVELOP MANAGEMENT CAPACITY AND GROWTH OF SMEs

In BENCOMMERCE LTD., through an ERP system specially developed for the company’s production. Thanks to the implementation of the system, the following processes will be improved: the planning and decision-making process, the process of resource organization, the process of organizing the production process, the process of product realization and the process of internationalization of the products.

The total value of the project is 540 000,00 BGN, of which 321 300,00 BGN european and 56 700,00 BGN national co-financing.